All-weather floor mats front X5 G05 X6 G06 X7 G07
판매가 212,900
브랜드BMW [브랜드바로가기]
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원본상품명: Allwetter Fussmatten vorne X5 G05 X6 G06 X7 G07
Reliable functionality combined with sporty elegance: the slip-resistant, waterproof and hard-wearing BMW Floor Liner with a high all-round edge protects the entire front footwell fro. moisture and dirt. Thanks to a special 3D fit, it fits perfectly into the spatial conditions of the footwell. In black and equipped with a stainless steel clasp, it is also optically perfectly matched to the vehicle interior. The dimensionally stable Floor Liner, which absorbs stones, dirt particles and an extremely large amount of liquid, can be easily removed and cleaned.
The water-impermeable material TPE (thermoplastic elastomers), the incorporated grooves and the raised edge of the floor liner ensure sensible water management. Thus, contamination of the vehicle interior is effectively prevented.
The floor mats were specially developed for the respective vehicle and therefore fit 100% perfectly.
Thanks to the unique 3D fit, the Floor Liners fit perfectly into the footwell.
The extra high side edge protects the floor cladding fro. dirt and liquids. In addition, the footrest is largely covered by the Floor Liner.
The anti-slip surface prevents slipping on the floor mats.
The robust and water-impermeable material TPE (thermoplastic elastomers) is particularly hard-wearing, but remains flexible even at sub-zero temperatures. It protects the vehicle interior and extends the value of the vehicle.
Due to the special design, the water is diverted fro. the center of the floor liner and secured in the designated areas. In addition, stones or other small particles will be collected in the depressions.
Removing and emptying the floor mats (without spilling li
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