M Performance exterior mirror cap carbon X3 G01 X4 G02 X5 G05 X6 G06 X7 G07
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원본상품명: M Performance Aussenspiegelkappe Carbon X3 G01 X4 G02 X5 G05 X6 G06 X7 G07
The elaborately handcrafted caps for the exterior mirrors are made of high quality carbon. They replace the standard exterior mirror caps and, with their high-tech character, emphasize the vehicle"s individuality and sportiness.
The exterior mirror caps are made of high-quality carbon (made by hand). The exclusive caps are given an unmistakable depth effect through several layers of lacquer and subsequent high-gloss polishing. The high quality of the materials used was checked by lightfastness tests by BMW. The material is UV, temperature and water resistant.
Simple assembly: the exterior mirror caps are clipped into the existing locking lugs after removing the standard mirror caps.
The mirror caps are already listed in the EC operating license, so no ABE (general operating license) is required. Additional informationPart number 51162446964 / 51162446965Delivery time 3-5 working daysSeries X3 G01 SAV, X4 G02 SAC, X5 G05 SAV, X6 G06 SAC, X7 G07 SAVModel X3 G01 SAV
X3 18d (UZ11 / UZ15)
X3 18d (TX11) (TX11)
X3 18d (TX15) (TX15)
X3 20dX (UZ31 / UZ35)
X3 20dX (TX31) (TX31)
X3 20dX (TX35) (TX35)
X3 20i (TR11 / TS71)
X3 20i 1.6 (TR31 / TR38)
X3 20iX (51BG / TY11 / TY15)
X3 20iX (TR51) (TR51)
X3 20iX (TR55) (TR55)
X3 25dX (TX51) (TX51)
X3 25dX (TX55) (TX55)
X3 30dX (TX71) (TX71)
X3 30dX (TX75) (TX75)
X3 30eX (TS11)
X3 30iX (TY51 / TY55)
X3 30iX (TR91) (TR91)
X3 30iX (TR95) (TR95)
X3 M40dX (TX91) (TX91)
X3 M40dX (TX95) (TX95)
X3 M40iX (TS31 / TY91)

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