BMW M Performance stainless pedal pads, automatic
판매가 198,000
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DescriptionDescriptionGenuine M Performance Pedal pads for cars with automatic transmission !!!

Please notice: The footrest is not included, only pedals.

Fits for:
1 series F20 and F20LCI 5-doors
1 series F21 and F21LCI 3-doors
2 series F22 coupe
2 series F23 convertible
3 series F30 and F30LCI sedan
3 series G20 sedan
3 series F31 and F31LCI touring
3 series G21 touring
3 series F34 and F34LCI GT
4 series F32 and F32LCI Coupe
4 series F33 and F33LCI convertible
4 series F36 and F36LCI gran coupe
5 series F07 GT
5 series F10 and F10LCI sedan
5 series F11 and F11LCI touring
5 series G30 sedan
5 series G31 touring
6 series F06 gran coupe
6 series F12 and F12LCI convertible
6 series F13 coupe
6 series G32
7 series F01 and F01LCI F02 F04 G11 G12
X1 E84
X3 F25
X3 G01
X4 F26
X4 G02
X5 F15 F85
X6 F16 F86
fits for left hand drive (LHD) and right hand drive (RHD) cars !!!
fits not for M2, M3, M4, M5 and M6 cars !!!

One Color