BMW Original BMW M Performance carbon interior trim with chrome trim strip X3 F25 X4 F26 카본트림세트
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BMW Original BMW M Performance carbon interior trim with chrome trim strip X3 F25 X4 F26

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Innovative, unique design combined with high quality materials from motorsport: Open-pore carbon fiber and chrome. The design of the M Performance interior trim and distinctive feel give the interior not only an incomparable appearance but make the Carbon technology can also be felt. The new chrome accent bar is next to the open-pore carbon the eye-catcher on the interior trim. On the instrument panel of the passenger side of the M Performance lettering is attached. The new look gives the interior a very different look with a sporty and dynamic focus. 
- Innovative and unique design. The panels are completely re-designed and made ​​from open-pore carbon 
- materials from the exclusive sports car: The first used material mix of porous carbon and Chromium leads to an incomparable look. 
- The open-pore carbon technology gives a direct contact with the high-tech material carbon fiber. High-Tech Hands - With its high-quality production, the porous structure can be felt. 
- Significant differentiation of the series strips all vehicle lines and a genuine motorsport feeling in the interior. 
The design of the interior trim gives the interior of the vehicle a totally new look and provides its exceptional feel the sportiness to the fore.
Part Number51952358300
SeriesX3 F25, F26 X4
ModelX3 F25 Sports Activity Vehicle
X3 18d (WZ31 / B47), X3 18d (WY11 / N47N), X3 18i (WW11 / N20), X3 20DX (WZ51 / B47), X3 20DX (WY31 / N47N), X3 20i (WY91 / N20), X3 20iX (WX31 / N20), X3 28iX (WX91 / N20), X3 28iX (WX51 / N52N), X3 30DX (WY51 / N57N), X3 35dX (WY71 / N57Z), X3 35iX (WX71 / N55) X4 F26 Sports Activity Coupé X4 20DX (XX11 / B47), X4 20iX (XW11 / N20), X4 28iX (XW31 / N20), X4 30DX (XX31 / N57N), X4 35dX (xx51 / N57Z), X4 35iX (XW51 / N55)