BMW 순정 BMW M Performance interior trim Carbon X6 F16 F86
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BMW 순정 BMW M Performance interior trim Carbon X6 F16 F86

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The M Performance interior trim in Alcantara and carbon gloss give the car an unmistakable look. The manufacturing process is done carefully by hand, the carbon fibers with several layers PU (polyurethane) coated and subsequently polished. Thus, the distinctive depth effect is achieved. The M Performance lettering has been welded to the Alcantara and thus high-quality workmanship. The product consists of two distinct sets: It includes the waistline and a center console panel. - The quality design made ​​of real carbon fiber differentiates the interior very clearly from the production car. - There is a genuine motorsport feeling. - In combination with other M Performance interior products such as steering wheel or gear selector panel which are also made ​​of Carbon / Alcantara which strips produce a coherent overall picture and uniformly sporty interior. - The use of PU varnish which is also used in the series, ensteht better material quality. - The M Performance interior trim Carbon meet BMW high requirements and are therefore resistant to aging and temperature resistant. They have been successfully tested in various climatic change tests on their quality. 

SeriesF16 X6, X6M F86
ModelF16 X6 Sports Activity Coupe
X6 30DX (KV21 / N57N), X6 35iX (KU21 / N55), X6 40dX (KV41 / N57Z), X6 50iX 4.0 (KU41 / N63N), X6 50iX 4.4 (KU61 / N63N), X6 M50dX ( KV61 / N57X) X6 M Sports Activity Coupe F86 X6 M (KW81 / S63R)

MaterialPainted carbon fiber, PU (polyurethane) varnish, Alcantara
DeliveryInstrument panel driver's side and passenger's side, 4x door panels